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APAP Narrative Project - Movement Workshop 2016-12-03 ~ 2016-12-05

There are various ways to enjoy APAP and learn about Anyang. You could see the artworks with your eyes, or you could walk around the sites of installation and experience the space itself.
As part of the “APAP Narrative Project” that experiments the various ways through which to experience the APAP works, Anyang, and art in general, we present a movement workshop with choreographer and dancer Sunghee WI and Hyunjoon CHANG.
For the workshop that will take place on December 3rd, 2016, at 2pm inside Anyang Pavilion, the two artists have visited Anyang numerous times to study the city and also various works commissioned by APAP. 
In this hour-long workshop, we will use our bodies to move and express our thoughts on Anyang and APAP.
Those who wish to participate, please wear comfortable clothes and bring an extra pair of socks.
The workshop is open to ten people. Please click the link below for registration.
As choreographer and dancer, Sunghee WI and Hyunjoon CHANG work in various dance and visual art institutions, presenting their works, leading workshops, and often participating in exhibitions. They are also members of the “Monthly Movement” (link), presenting the “movements” of dancers on the last Thursday of each month at different venues.