제목, 글쓴이, 날짜의 내용이 있습니다.
Jung Chung Mo Anyang Memory Tower

Installation view, Kimchungup Museum, Anyang, 2014. Courtesy the artist (Photograph: Hong Cheolki, Kim Jungwon)
Many companies and factories resided in Anyang during the 1945 to the late 1970s, attracting workers from all over the country. The generation of this period remember Anyang as an industrial city. Nationally known pharmaceutical products—Hwalmyungsoo, Bacchas, Yupan-C—have all been manufactured in Manan-gu, Anyang, hence the affinity between Anyang and industrialization appeared much stronger to the public. During the 1980s, however, Anyang’s industrial structure shifted from a secondary industry such as manufacture to a service industry, while massive residential complexes became part of the city.
The chimney of pharmaceutical company Yuyu experienced a similar shift. Long labored for over than 50 years, it stopped functioning after the factory moved to Jecheon in 2006. Afterwards, the city government of Anyang acquired the site, which was then re-purchased by Anyang Foundation for Culture and Arts under the plan of renovating it into an art complex in 2014. The chimney is, in a sense, a symbolic figure of time endured by the site.   
Jung Chung Mo was born in Anyang but spent his youth outside the city, and then returned home during the 1980s. Remembering Anyang as the industrial city—prior to the formation of the current bedtown Pyeongchon—the artist grants a new role to the chimney, which has been deprived of its original role. While retaining the shape of the chimney, he attached objects consisted of the Korean consonants from “Anyang,” “Public Art,” “Yuyu Pharma,” and “Kimchungup.” LED lights on the top part act as a beacon, brightening up the park from dusk till dawn.
In the first version of *Anyang Memory Tower*, the letters reading “Yuyu Inc.” from the original chimney were preserved. While the 4th APAP attempted to create a context between the more than 50-years old chimney of Yuyu Pharma and the new sculpture utilizing the structure, but upon the appeals of the residents, desiring to break away from the harmful effects of a chimney industry, the letters were erased from the chimney. Along with the process, the whole chimney was repainted.