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Eunji CHO Parade (The Sun Swims through Sweat),2016
Paradesperformances held in Anyang on October 15, 16,22, 2016
Commissioned by APAP 5

Costume detail for Eunji Cho’s Parade (The Sun Swims through Sweat), October 2016. Photo: Kim Jungwon.
Parade (The Sun Swims through Sweat) is a performance work with local residents and organizations parading along paths that traverse various parts of the city. For Eunji Cho, a parade is a simple act that is a bodily expression of mutual blessing of the participants; it is a moving collective and a ritual of sharing. Her project includes drum group Ta Harang, master drummer KIM Guk Hwan, Pyongyang Sword Dancers, public transportation workers, and students from the region. Along with these Anyang residents, Jaranan TMBK, an Indonesian dance group from the neighboring city of Ansan will also participate in the performances. For Cho, Anyang is a place of remembering the sun—a memory of sweltering emotion pre-dating reason, heightened sympathy, animal skins, and the old night etched in our DNA. These sentiments exist in people’s memory, where they are preserved and transformed. People convey this memory of the sun in their everyday activities and through the sweat that drips when one moves in step with the bodies of others. Cho’s Parade shares the sun that flows through this sweat as a way to celebrate daily life.