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House of Natural Fiber/HONF Anyang Public Laboratory,2016
Workshopsopen sessions held in November 2016
Commissioned by APAP 5

HONF, Anyang Public Lab announcement. Courtesy the artists.
Date: November 11(Fri)-19(Sat)
Venue: Anyang Pavilion, Seoksu Market

Between November 11 and 19, House of Natural Fiber(HONF) is hosting over twenty workshops at Anyang Pavilion and Seoksu Market. The workshops are open to anyone, and are consisted of several programs whose topics range from space science to DIY lamp, radio robot making, cooking, and music appreciation.
All the events and workshops are free of charge, and there is no age limit. For more details, please visit and links to each event below. Elementary school students are required to be accompanied by their parents.
Contact: +82-31-687-0924, 0548 /
Anyang Space Science Lab
November 12-14 / 3-6 pm
Let’s build tools to receive signals from the outer space!
Details and registration:
Anyang Geek Lab
Let’s build DIY lamps, musical instruments and radio receivers!
1. Making DIY Weather Mood Lamp: November 12-13 / 2-6 pm
Details and registration:

2. Building Mechanical Music Instruments: November 14-17 / 2-4 pm
Details and registration:

3. Radio/Stream Tools for Raspberry Pi: November 16-17 / 2-6 pm
Details and registration:
Anyang Kitchen Science Lab
Come join us for experimental wine making, bacteria farm workshop, and building DIY glucometer devices!

1. Experimental Wine Making: November 9 / 1-5 pm
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2. Bacteria Farm Workshop: November 13-14 / 1-3 pm
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3. Build DIY Glucometer Device: November 15 / 1-3 pm
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Anyang Open Public Kitchen Workshop
Choose one day among November 11, 12, 15, 16, and 17. The workshop happens at 7 pm in the evening.
Join us to learn the science of cooking!
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Anyang Open Club
Choose one day among November 11, 12, 16, 17, and 19. The club opens at 7 pm.
Come join us for the party with DJs and VJs. There is also a surprise guest!
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About the Project
Anyang Public Lab/APL is a series of public and closed workshops and open sessions that aim to develop creativity and technical skills for local and grassroots communities in Anyang and beyond. It also seeks to build networks between several countries to share experiences, knowledge, and culture as well as to open possibilities to initiate a global worldwide network. This project will directly support creative people and technologists to work together and produce unconventional and open minds. Several workshops are directed at youth and high school students. APL consists of several activities that support and develop each other. The importance of these activities is to build a mutual understanding between local and international participants and to break the boundaries between art, science, and technology as well as to pursue innovation through sharing knowledge. For a full listing of events, please visit