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Byron KIM Contemplation Room,2016
Room for silent mediation with weekly meditation workshops by Park Ji-Myoung, 3pm Tuesdays through October 25
Commissioned by APAP 5

__Contemplation Room__, 2016, room for silent meditation. Commissioned by APAP 5. Courtesy the artist and James Cohan Gallery, New York. Photo: Namwoo Bae.
There is nothing to observe in this space but one’s own consciousness. Since there is nothing to look at in this room, please do not enter unless you plan to spend some time sitting quietly. Please feel free to use any technique of silent meditation or contemplation that adheres to a spirit of cooperation. If this is your first time to sit in such a way, you might follow this simple technique based on your own breathing:

Sit in a comfortable position with your back very straight and pay attention to your inhalation along with all the physical sensations that accompany it, including the extension of your abdomen, the coolness of the air passing over your upper lip, the changing contact of your clothing against the front of your torso, or any other physical sensation you might notice in relation to your inhalation. Observe any thoughts as they pass in and out of the mind, trying not to follow them or judge yourself or these thoughts. Use the same technique for the exhalation, noticing, perhaps, the warmth of the air passing out of the nose and all the other sensations associated with breathing. Again, if any thoughts arise, gently let them pass without pursuing them and continue with observation of your breath. This simple meditation technique is only a suggestion, any unobtrusive technique will do.