제목, 글쓴이, 날짜의 내용이 있습니다.
Jinjoo KIM Yiso 異素,2016
Mixed media installation under Anyangdaegyo Bridgepublication (forthcoming December 2016)
Commissioned by APAP 5
Courtesy the artist

Idea sketch for __Yiso__, 2016 by Jinjoo Kim. Commissioned by APAP 5. Courtesy the artist.
For her APAP 5 project, Jinjoo Kim contemplated wandering and completion as she repeatedly encountered strangers gathering under Anyangdaegyo (Anyang Bridge) playing janggi (Korean chess) without any set schedule. People that gather under this bridge have usually passed significant milestones in their lives, and now congregate under the bridge without belonging to any particular group or without a specific purpose. Over the last several months, Kim wandered her city and loitered under Anyangdaegyo to watch, listen, and finally imagine ways to communicate with the existing space and its irregular residents. With Yiso 異素, Kim makes subtle interventions in everyday space to enhance the existing place and situation. Installed under Anyangdaegyo Bridge are a lighting system that transforms the former glow of green lamps to a more comfortable and natural temperature; two wooden benches made from a single elm tree, with a janggi board carved into their surfaces as well as stools for bystanders also made from culled city trees; stone janggi pieces into which various words such as 異 (aimlessness) and 素 (completion) are inscribed on the surface; and an elongated stone board embedded in the stream steps on which people can play janggi while gazing at the water or observing those on the other side.