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mixrice 21st Century Light of the Factory,2016
Color video with sound, 10 min wall drawing photographs
Commissioned by APAP 5
Courtesy the artists

Production detail of __21st Century Light of the Factory__ by mixrice, October 2016. Commissioned by APAP 5. Photo: Kim Jungwon.
21st Century Light of the Factory (2016) is inspired by Light of the Factory, a minjung (peoples) play written and directed by Kim Mingi, recorded in 1978, and distributed clandestinely by cassette tape among workers and labor and student activists. From 2008 to 2010, at the invitation of workers from the Maseok Furniture Manufacturing Complex, mixrice staged the play Illegal Life with the now-defunct Maseok Migrant Theater (MMT). An informal club of Bangladeshi workers that dates to the 1990s, MMT staged existing and original plays through which participants shared stories, connected with each other, and dramatized everyday experiences. As mixrice was thinking to expand upon their experience with MMT, they came upon filmic documentation of Light of the Factory. After examining the faded black and white film, mixrice decided to appropriate the style and intention of the original work, but with a new script and songs for today. The new work consists of images and music made together with contract workers, dismissed workers, migrant workers and youth of contemporary Korea, and stays true to the key concepts of the original play by focusing on stories that capture the gestures and real lives of ordinary people.
Itinerant and Hand
Composed by Tehyun Choi
Lyricss by mixrice

21st Century Light of the Factory
Composed by Sangwook Suh
Lyrics by Sangwook Suh and mixrice
Arranged by Theater8

Choreography and Acting: Heeyeon Kim (Ting)

Participants: Kyungbong Kim, Soyeon Kim, Kiju Moon, Yua Shin, Heunghee Yoo, Jonghee Yoon, Mabub Lee, Hyunhee Lee, Sohaeng Lim, Yoonmuk Choi, Beier Tie, and Jungkyu Han