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Open Theater Me Meme 1st Anyang Video Art Festival,2016
Screenings take place at various locations in Anyang City from October 16-December 10.

The 1st Anyang Video Art Festival, organized by Open Theater Me Meme presents fifteen works on the theme of “change,” each with its own interpretation of memory, space, identity, and generational change. Non-commercial and auteurist, the works represent various genres and are shown at various venues in Anyang during the duration of APAP 5. The first screening will take place at Anyang Pavilion as part of the APAP 5 opening event. Additional screenings will take place as part of Stone & Water’s Black Market; at Anyang Art Center; at The Story Library; at Spunky EL Design Lab; and at various other distinct venues. Through the 1st Anyang Video Art Festival, Open Theater Me Meme aims to rediscover the meaning of space and to provide opportunities for viewers to enjoy a variety of video works in venues close to their own lives.