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Bona PARK Paradise City,2016
4-channel video, sound, 1 min. loop (Anyang Station version)
Single-channel video, sound, 7 min 15 sec (Kim Chung Up Museum)
Commissioned by APAP 5
Courtesy the artist

Bona Park, production of Paradise City, August 2016. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Jung Myoungsoo.
Paradise City (2016) is a video work of four separate solo performances from Anyang playing the song by the same name - originally released by Guns N' Roses - in four different locations in the city. An installation inside Anyang subway station shows the performers playing na excerpt of the song simultaneously on four existing commercial screens, integrated into the advertisements. In the single-channel version at Kim Chung Up Museum, musicians are intercut to perform a single, seamless song. The lyrics of the song make reference to a wish to leave a world full of competition and cheating, and a wish to return home - the symbol of an ideal world. Since the name Anyang means "land of happiness" (paradise) or "a utopian land of freedom and comfort," the artist thought it fitting to have local musicians learn this song and present a recording of the beloved rock anthem in this city to meditate upon the past and present of Anyang and imagine a utopian future. If musicians play music to secure leisurely energy and future dreams, could the individuality and the distinct characteristics shown by these performers defien the ideal future of Anyang?