제목, 글쓴이, 날짜의 내용이 있습니다.
PARK Chan-kyong Anyang, Paradise City,2010/2016
HD film, 101 min signboard, paint on canvas, steel frame
Commissioned by APAP 3 Commissioned by APAP 5
Courtesy the artist

Park Tae-gyu painting signboard for Park Chan-kyong’s __Anyang, Paradise City__ at the studio of Gwangju Theater, September 2016. Photo: Park Chan-kyong.
Poster for __Anyang, Paradise City__, 2016. Designed by Mat-kkal
In 1988, during the Seoul Olympics, twenty-two young women workers locked in their factory’s dormitory, suffocated from smoke inhalation in a fire in Anyang. People hardly remember this incident. Like this unpleasant memory of the past, the memory of paradise also vaguely remains. According to ancient records, a vast temple surrounded by beautiful mountains and streams called Anyang-sa existed over one thousand years ago. Anyang is the concept of “paradise” in Buddhist philosophy and traces of this temple exist. Exploring sites where different temporal spaces struggle to emerge, the camera flows between paradise and hell. Rather than observing the city from a distance, Park Chan-kyong’s camera hunts, rests, and plays like a wild animal, responding and dancing with the cityscape. Originally commissioned as part of APAP 3, the work was installed in LO-TEK’s Open School in 2010. In and effort to convey the film’s impact on the curatorial team’s understanding of the history and present of Anyang, give the work a new context for mediation, and reach a broader audience, Anyang, Paradise City is presented weekly in a conventional theater setting. Additionally, an old-style movie signboard has been commissioned to communicate the timeless sentiments conjured by the film.