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SUPERFLEX APAP Welcome Center,2017
Commissioned by APAP 5

Proposal excerpt for APAP Welcome Center by SUPERFLEX, September 2016. Courtesy the artists.
SUPERFLEX is Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen, Jakob Fenger and Rasmus Nielsen. Their works, which challenge power structures and relate to economics, copyright law, and self-organization, are described by SUPERFLEX as tools—proposals that invite people to participate in the development of experimental models to alter given structures and conditions. For APAP 5, SUPERFLEX has been asked to design a new “Welcome Center” in a recently abandoned plot of land across the street from Álvaro Siza Vieira’s Anyang Pavilion. SUPERFLEX visited Anyang in May 2016 to begin their research, which included extensive study of previous APAP works, the drawings of Siza, the history of Anyang, and discussions with staff. Impressed with the Anyang Pavilion, they decided to approach this project by deconstructing the exterior walls of Siza’s structure and solicit the input of local citizens to construct a new pavilion that incorporates the existing assets of APAP. This winter, SUPERFLEX will return to Anyang to conduct community workshops, which will employ these walls as building tools to imagine new architectural possibilities. If you are interested in taking part of the winter workshops, please contact by November 15.