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Stone & Water Black Market,2016
Installations, interventions, screeningsperformances at Seoksu Market
Co-commissioned by APAP 5

Opening night at Stone & Water’s __Black Market__, October 8, 2016. Photo: Kim Jungwon.
From October 8-23, 2016, Stone & Water presents 블랙마켓 Black Market 暗 時 場 at Seoksu Market, a satellite project of APAP 5. Consisting of works by thirty artists in collaboration with market merchants, Black Market focuses on the coexistence of art and daily life and invites the public to help increase the cultural value of the Seoksu Market as a place of cultural communication. For Stone & Water, humans are animals of trade and have become desensitized by the hard routines of daily life, but small happinesses still exist. Public markets are products of the need for exchange, in a constant state of metamorphosis, shaped by the flow of capitalist values and current economic patterns. Seoksu Market is a unique microcosm of contemporary life in the form of a public market that embodies the history of hardship, resilience, and innovation of the people of Anyang city.