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CHO Yeung Kyu Art in the Shops
Display of works by 22 artists at 20 shops around Anyang Art Park.

Anyang Art Park shops along Yesulgonwon-ro.
Photo: Kim Jungwon.
The APAP 5 curatorial team conceived of the Art in the Shops project in an effort to meet artists working in Anyang and small business owners in our neighborhood and put them in conversation with each other. The effort is by no means selfless, as we hope this conversation can help challenge how public space is defined and how APAP can better commune with its environment, local artists, and potential public. We hope this project evokes curiosity among visitors to the Anyang Art Park to recognize the many artists working in Anyang and support the dedicated shop owners along Yesulgongwon-ro who are supporting APAP.
Participating Artists

CHO Yeung Kyu, CHOI Sungkyun, HAN Myohui (Anyangsa Temple), HEO Kang Il, JEON ji, Hyejin JO, JUNG Kwang Chae, JUNG Suk Kyung, KIM Eun Sung, KIM Hyun Me, KIM Jayoung, KIM Jiyeon, KIM Jongbuhm, KIM Yong Sik, KWON Yongju, Mire LEE, LEE Kyung Min, MEME Miu, OH Hyung Sook, YOOK Kyoung Ran, YOON Whee Sub, and YOUN Juhee

Organized by Jaeyong PARK with YI Hyejin (Project Coordinator)