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Raqs Media Collective Can You Say That Again? (5 Uneasy Pieces)

Can You Say That Again? (5 Uneasy Pieces) is a mobile audio theater that delivers the voice of urban nomads who are constantly traveling from one space to anotherfrom one area to the next. Based on the information that Koreans, on average, move every three years, the Raqs Media Collective took great interest in the extreme mobility of Korean society, which undermines the sustainability of local communities. First, the collective interviewed a number of local citizens in varying professions, collected analyzed data about Anyang. Based on the research, they d a script featuring five different stories a conversation of neighbors in the elevator, a conversation between an interior contractorhis customer, a story about piano lessonsmore. Based on the script, voice actors were hired to produce a sound piece in the audio drama format, which was, then, installed on two sculptures made into the shape of the running-man pictogram used for exit signs. One of the sculptures was installed as a permanent fixture at the Hakwoon Park, while the other served as a touring piece for different parks in the city to engage local citizens.