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Marjetica Potrč Open Vegetable Gardens

This project was undertaken to rediscover the significance of vegetable gardens found in many places in Anyang ultimately, to explore sustainable natives to urban lifestyle. The artist questions the validity of the redevelopment plan, which is to replace thousands of small vegetable gardens with manicured landscapes, underscores the significance of vegetable gardens as a gathering place for local community membersas a source of locally grown produces. In Bury School Rooftop Rice Field Project, the artist d a system that collects rainwater supplies it to the rooftop rice field using solar power. The artist also held Green Workshop to provide students with an opportunity to learn about sustainability through hands-on experience. In addition, the artist showcased photographs of local residents attending their vegetable gardens at Open House to offer a forum for community members to share their experience, idea,gardening methods. Harvested cropsproduces were used for Bury School lunch program.