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Lawrence D. Butch Morris anyang_skyscraper

Anyang Skyscraper is a collective improvisational performance piece by Lawrence D. Butch Morrislocal musicians. Prior to the performances, the local instrument alists had a workshop to learn the vocabulary signals of Morris original method known as conduction (short for conducted improvisation) system, based on which improvised duet for ensemble conductor is d. The ensemble performed three times at different locations, including the passenger lounge of Anyang Station, Anyang First Street, the Hakwoon Park. Under the title Skyscraper, Morris collaborated with local musicians in 15 cities around the world, including New York, Berlin, Tokyo, to music that emotionally interacts with the city. Anyang Skyscraper, an extension of this ongoing work, also transforms visual images of the cityscape into an auditory structurere establishes human relationships with music, like neighborhoods formed through natural occurrence, not the devices of man.