제목, 글쓴이, 날짜의 내용이 있습니다.
Odong Team Being-Residents

A group of nine artists specializing in diverse media (i.e. painting, installation, craft, criticism, etc.) engaged in various activities designed to bridge the wide chasm between artists, who always remain as temporary visitors, local community members with Anyang 5-dong as the target area. The group fixed up a vacant house slated for redevelopment in the neighborhood as their studio/residencefor 6 months, made diverse efforts to interact Anyang 5-dong local residents, i.e. putting up a banner with greetings, opening upoperating an agency facilitating residents to share unusedthrown-away goods, cleaning up the streets together with neighborhood children in summer break as a fun activity, setting up a blind date for young people from the neighborhood, etc. Conceived to overcome the limitations presented by public art projects which often become forgotten abandoned once the artist leaves the communityend up as a onetime event, the group project Being-Resident aimed to participate in the community as residents who happened to be artists work to resolve issues together, while striving to understand the cultural sensitivity unique to the local community.