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Wolsik Kim Seems like Community

Seems Like Community is a project that the artist collective of the same name undertook from February to September 2010. The container next to the recycling center in the neighborhood of Bakdal 2-dong served as the group base camp during the project. The Seems Like Community team focused on restoring the self-regard of the individual before that of the community. In particular, they organized various programs for the elderly. They made handcarts for gathering waste paper for the elderly people of the neighborhood who collected sold recyclable materials, opened a school for the elderly with the aim of restoring their self-esteem, visited local residents repaired broken furniture everyday goods with them, produced the Seems Like Community Story Book that comprises the stories about their different initiativesthe people that they came across. Through the process, they hoped to a new understanding on the elderly as a member of the community on the fact that restoring the self-regard of the members of a community was essential in realizing the full potential of the community. The lengthy report written by Wolsik Kim following the project contains his anguish reflections about how to realize a community that does not infringe on individual rights.