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Hae-Won Shin New Shelter Project For Anyang Civilian Volunteer Police

In response to the local community long-standing wish to replace shelters used by the Anyang Civilian Volunteer Police, the 3rd APAP planned this project, which entailed ing four of the most deteriorated shelters renewing them. A majority of volunteer police shelters are closed upunattended until 9 pm when the patrol begins. In an effort to breath energy into these grey colored container boxes, the architect communicated first with the main users (members of the volunteer police), local residents, related authorities on how to utilize the space, came up with different designs for each shelter to incorporate local featuresneeds. For example, the architect introduced vivid colors, the asymmetrical roof,different elevations for Anyang 1-dong to incorporate the community wish they wanted the shelter to shed the dry, grey look even more than functional upgrades. Through this process, the four shelters, each located at Anyang 1-dong, Hogye 2-dong, Buheung-dong, Gwiin-dong, showed a potential for expanding their role from space for keeping residents safe to a community center that facilitates interaction of local residents.