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Kael Greco Digital Anyang

Digital Anyang is a project that converts information on Anyang into a visual work using computers. It was shown through the nine screens installed at Open School. The artist considered the city living information as the key to his work, attempted to present a dynamic view of Anyang through the visual material he made out of the information he collected. The artist gathered a vast amount of data on Anyang ranging from population to tax revenues, consumption levels, real estate prices, layout of the city, the price of buildings to mention a few with the help of urban researchers, programmers, the students of Anyang University. He then converted the data into location-based visual images. In particular, the artist d a menu that can control the year, allowing viewers to see the speed of the rise, decline, changes of the city as well as the correlation between the different criteria that they . Through Digital Anyang, the artist attempts to restore the historicity of Anyang by presenting a side of the city that up to now has gone unnoticed due to the speedscale of its development exposing the various aspects phases of its changes.